Factors to Consider When Buying Board Shorts


When it comes to clothing, a pair of board shorts is definitely one of the essentials for the summer season. In areas and regions that enjoy a tropical climate, they’re actually part of a mundane getup. But in this country where the summer months are highly anticipated every single year, surfing, boating, and diving enthusiasts find it a necessity to buy new board shorts in anticipation of the different activities that have something to do with the beach and the sea.

But buying men’s board shorts isn’t as easy as you expect it to be. There are several factors involved, including the following:

1 – Fabric Material

Know that majority of men’s swimwear, including board shorts from https://www.therockspush.com/ are made of polyester and there’s good reason behind the preference for this fabric. For one, it is not just durable but also smooth and will dry fast, which means it is perfect for a pair of shorts intended to get wet every single time it is worn. However, there also are other options aside from polyester and this includes those board shorts made from the combination of polyester and spandex, as well as those made from embossed fabric and recycled PET.

2 – Number of Pockets

Majority if not all board shorts from https://www.therockspush.com/shop come with at least one pocket. Anyway, who actually wears shorts these days without pockets? For the most part, you’ll see them in front and at the center. But don’t just buy anything so long as you see pockets in them. Instead, go for something that has a Velcro closure because nothing is more durable and secure that this type. It’s not really that important to have more than a couple of pockets because you won’t be bringing a lot of stuff when you’re out there at the beach or the sea.

3 – Style

Finally, choose a pair of board shorts that come with a style that matches your personality, not just your preference. And yes, even board shorts offer a fashion statement for the one wearing it. This means you can’t take the design and style for granted when you’re shopping for them. Bright and rainbow-colored varieties are the most popular considering that they epitomize summer. While there are so many options, don’t go for something that’s too dull and dark because you might find yourself getting out of place out there in the beach. But if you’re wearing them casually and in places and events other than the see or the beach, dark-colored board shorts are perfectly fine. Check out this website at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/askmen/the-short-mans-guide-to-s_b_5311145.html and learn more about boardshorts.


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